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Engage with your customers with our low-cost, innovative beacon. Communicate your promotional content directly to a large customer base at any location. Our breakthrough technology makes use of proximity advertising and can convert any passersby to potential customers. Keep up with your competitors by taking advantage of the latest trend in digital marketing!

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With Royaltie Gem, you can broadcast your campaign to Bluetooth-enabled phones nearby. Send gift cards, offer amazing deals, or promote your products and services to potential and existing customers. The possibilities are endless. Expand your customer base and give your business exposure with a portable wireless device you can take with you anytime, anywhere.

Our small wireless device is battery-powered can last up to two years. It relies on Bluetooth technology to send content to Android smartphones within a 100m range and does not require cellular data or WiFi connection. Just take it out of the box and get your marketing campaign up and running!


anytime, anywhere

The Royaltie Gem allows you to engage with customers anytime and take your marketing campaign anywhere. Send gift cards, amazing deals, digital content, and promotional messages directly to Bluetooth-enabled Android smartphones in close proximity. Just decide your promotional message and leave it to our device to broadcast your campaign to potential customers nearby!

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